PSU International Student Club at the Open Week 2009

The PSU International Student Club (ISC), which includes almost 150 international graduate students from different countries, actively participated in the PSU 2009 Open Week, held from 16-19 August, 2009 at the International Convention Center (ICC), PSU. Different programs were organized during this event.




  On the first day of the open week, all the ISC members were present at the opening ceremony at the Convention Hall Room. They presented posters, documentaries and video clips about their countries. Many students from different schools in the Southern part of Thailand, and PSU students visited the booth and gained valuable information on the culture and tradition of many countries.

     On the second day, variety of food products were prepared by representatives from different countries, particularly Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and India. The food items were served to a large number of visitors, who had a chance to enjoy delicacies from different countries.

     On the third day, international students from various countries displayed their cultural activities and traditional costumes. Most of the visiting students got a chance to take pictures wearing the traditional dresses of Indonesia.

     On the last day of the PSU open week, a quiz competition for Thai students was held. They were first given some information about different countries and questions were asked based on this information. Different attractive prizes were distributed by the international students to those who answered correctly.

     All the programs were a huge success. Congratulation to all the members of PSU International Student Club and thanks for their kind cooperation and active participation. Special thanks to our Thai friends who acted as a bridge between international students and Thai school students in translating and transmitting our feelings. The motto of PSU International Student Club is “let’s go together”, and the huge success during the PSU open week reflects this.

     The PSU International Student Club gives a very special thanks to the International Affairs Office and Student Affairs Office for their kind cooperation and assistance, financial support, and facilities in organizing this program. They are looking forward to more of this kind of productive knowledge and cultural interchanging program.