Thai traditional medicine service unit opened at PSU Phuket Campus through collaboration with Rajaprajanugroh School in the Andaman region


     On 30 November 2022, PSU opened a Thai traditional medicine service unit which at the Andaman International Health Center, PSU Phuket Campus. The opening event was chaired by Admiral Pongthep Noothep, Privy Councilor and Executive Chairman, Rajaprajanugroh Foundation in the Royal Patronage, while Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pun Thongchumnum, Acting Vice President for Phuket Campus, delivered a report and presented the project. PSU executives and staff, representatives of the public and private sector, and teachers from Rajaprajanugroh School in the Andaman region attended the event.

       The opening event also served as a venue for discussions between the school and PSU Phuket Campus about promoting and supporting improvements in competency, internship and professional opportunities for students at Rajaprajanugroh School; providing support to staff to enter the workforce market; academic support for school staff; the reduction of inequality in education, and the creation of opportunities for students to obtain knowledge, professionalism and readiness to enter the workforce. The discussions highlighted important mechanisms to support staff in the tourism, trade, and service industries, leading to an increase in local quality of life, and supporting entrepreneurs in Phuket and the Andaman region in the future.

       Admiral Pongthep said that the discussions will pave the way towards opportunities for students to receive academic support and skill development in order to improve their performance. Internship Program opportunities will strengthen and enhance labor skills. The opening of the unit provides valuable services and rehabilitation through Thai traditional medicine, contributing to the promotion of medical tourism in Phuket and the southern Andaman provinces.