Visa for International Students and Staff

International students and staff are required to maintain their legal status in Thailand. The PSU International Affairs Office provides assistance with visa extension, 90-day report, re-entry permit, work permit, housing report, and other immigration-related matters.

Contact the dedicated International Affairs staff at your faculty for personal assistance. The central International Affairs Office that coordinates with the Immigration Office at the university level is also available.


The owner of the residence where PSU foreign staff and students reside must submit the "Notification for Owner of Residence where Alien has Stayed" / TM. 30 to local immigration authorities within 24 hours after the first arrival in Thailand, and each time after re-entering Thailand from abroad. The housing report (TM 30) is also needed for foreigners travelling to other provinces inside Thailand.

  • For students staying at the PSU International Dormitory, contact Ms. Chuthiphon (Jane) at the Dormitory Office, Division of Student Development and Alumni, to submit the TM. 30 form online for the students. Copies of passport, current visa and departure card need to be supplied along with the TM 30 form.
  • The faculty can notify the residence for their students online ( or in person at Hat Yai Immigration Office. For more information about notification of residence, please see
  • For staff staying at an accommodation inside PSU Hat Yai campus, please contact Ms. Nongyao Ruyan at the Physical and Environment Division (housing division), located on the 3rd floor of President’s Office Building, to submit the TM.30 form online for the staff. Copies of passport, current visa and departure card need to be supplied along with the TM 30 form.
  • For staff and students staying outside the campus, the owner of the apartment, guesthouse, landlord or hotel manager accommodating foreign nationals legally on a temporary basis, must submit the TM. 30 form along with a copy of his/her national ID card and a copy of the house registration book, both signed by the owner. Copies of resident student/staff's full passport, current visa and departure card need to be supplied as well.
  • When notification is complete, foreign staff/students need to make sure they receive a Receipt of Notification from the owner of residence. This receipt must be presented for the one-year extension.


Hat Yai Immigration officers will come to PSU Hat Yai Campus to assist foreigners with necessary immigration affairs (except work permit) usually on the last Wednesday of each month at the President’s Office Building.
(Service temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)