Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program at PSU


     PSU was selected as a partner university for the prestigious Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program for the second year in a row.

       The IISMA program, supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (MoECRT), Republic of Indonesia, provides Indonesian students opportunities to study abroad and experience cultural diversity through host universities from all over world.

       This year, PSU has received three students from Indonesian universities to study at the PSU Faculty of Liberals Arts for one semester, from June to October 2022.

      PSU, as one of Thailand’s top universities with a long history of collaboration with various Indonesian academic institutions, offers participating students international-level academic and cultural competences, along with a chance to network with students and faculty in a safe, conducive academic environment.  

       Based on previous and ongoing successful experiences with the program, PSU is looking forward to continuing the partnership and hosting program participants in the future.